ETERNITY IN VIEW Understanding WHY people Give
People give for three main reasons. You might think they reflect a self-absorbed society; but they are biblically sound. We would like to tell you more in person.
People give when:
1. They know their giving will make a difference.
2. Their giving will have a personal benefit.
3. There is financial integrity in their church.
You cannot neglect any of the three reasons. You must make the case that the church is following the leading of God. There must be vision. Passion. Engagement. You need to be able to define what will happen as a result of new facilities or when the church is out of debt, etc. People must feel there will be positive changes in their lives. Youth - Evangelism - Seniors - Music - Community Involvement - Sports - Connected Community. And most importantly, know that they are giving to the Lord. Integrity in church finance is so essential. Information should be readily available.
Giving development begins with a biblical and Christ centered focus. It is not enough to ask people to give. There must be eternal value and perspective without manipulation, guilt or pressure.