Small Groups
  Emphasis on Community
  Focus on Compassion
  Thorough Follow-Up
  Higher Touch
  Lower costs We do Stewardship Differently
There are many things that are common to all Stewardship Campaigns.
Make the Case. Teamwork. Training
Manuals. Communication. Program.
Commitment. Raise Funds.
What sets RiverTree apart? While many programs emphasize CHALLENGE and COMMITMENT(used 80% of the time but appeals to 20% of the congregation), Rivertree focuses on COMMUNITY and COMPASSION (used only 20% of the time but appeals to 80% of the congregation.)
RiverTree knows that when you appeal to the 80% the other 20% will respond as well. It is not because some have more more to give than others. Everyone should give for the same reason.
In fact RiverTree does not ask people to give. Find out what we have discovered that really motivates people.
When people sense they are moving in unity (Community) and they can see the difference their lives can make (Compassion), equal sacrifice, though not equal giving, will result in a tremendous response.
Through small groups, involving as much of the congregation as possible, unusual unity is realized. People will feel a part of something that they want to accomplish. And can accomplish. And make life style changes to accomplish. For the Glory of God.