Giving Development is not the same as Fund Raising!
It is changing hearts!
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matt. 6:21 OUR HEARTS SEEK AFTER WHAT WE VALUE AND PRIZE
Rivertree Takes New Directions
Stewardship programs should be focused on individuals. Not a building project.
Building programs cannot be allowed to refocus the mission of the church: evangelism, discipleship, connecting in community and missions. Too often churches become debt managers due to the stress of a mortgage. We offer solid approaches to assure this does not happen.
Few Christians ever experience the JOY OF GENEROUS GIVING. There is insufficient biblical teaching on stewardship. Where we spend our Time and Money reveals our character and values. To neglect teaching on money, is to deny people the mature life as a disciple of Christ.
Without guilt, manipulation or pressure, our goal is to see people discover the Joy of Generous Giving. It is more than tithing. Generous Giving is not an amount. It is an attitude.
We focus on the why of giving, which must be the vision and mission of the church. We focus on growing the mission of the church to allow individuals to all give for the same reason.
Giving development is more than the typical 3-4 months of a stewardship program with the goal of raising money. We see the need for the people of God to be transformed in their giving for the rest of their lives. Real LifeStyle Adjustments. Not just for three years!